A Community Organized to Leverage Assets
A Community Organized to Leverage Assets

COLA Gives uses a unique approach

to philanthropy called the Giving Circle.

What is it?

A Giving Circle is formed when individuals come together and pool their resources (time, talent and treasure), decide together where to donate their collective contributions, and learn together about their community and philanthropy.

Why not Join COLA Gives or create your own giving circle? 

 The Giving Circle is not a new idea, but one that has emerged during the last decade as a growing and significant trend in philanthropy. Often characterized as a “grass roots” approach to philanthropy, Giving Circles (especially African American) allow for a wide range of giving styles, philosophies and policies, sizes, and focus areas.


Each circle member contributes money or other resources to the project or the fund.  Members combine their resources for a bigger impact on the community issue or challenge being addressed.


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